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Object Name Reports
Scope & Content Final report of Kathleen Kelly Broomer's work on the National Register nomination for the Two Brothers Rocks-Dudley Road Historic District , Bedford and Billerica. Includes the following:
- National Register registration form with district data sheet
- two sets of B&W photos
- MHC Digital Image Submission Form
- USGS quadrangle map with district boundaries indicated
- small-scale sets of Bedford and Billerica assessors' maps with district boundaries indicated in pencil
- MHC slide presentation outline and color digital images/slides
- CD containing the documents in electronic form.

1. Two Brothers Rocks
2. Capt. John Stearns House, 96 Dudley Rd, Billerica
3. John Stearns House, 77 Dudley Rd, Billerica
4. Abner Stearns-Edward Pickman House, 141 Dudley Rd, Billerica
5. View NW on Dudley Road, Bedford, showing Walcott-Pickman House, 228 Dudley Rd (left) and Margaret & Gilbert Oakley House, 230 Dudley Rd (background, right of center).
6. View N on Dudley Road, Bedford, showing Duane Carpenter House, 267 Dudley Rd (foreground) and Pickman Cow Barn, 269 Dudley Road (background, left).
7. Pickman Summer Cottage - William Sorensen House, 269 Dudley Rd.
8. Pickman Cow Barn and Milkmen Room, 269 Dudley Rd.
9. Herrick Barn - Pickman Library House, 240 Dudley Rd.
10. David and Elizabeth Pickman House - Altmann House, 220 Dudley Rd.
11. View SE across Dudley Road from 228 Dudley Rd, Bedford.
12. View SW on Mill Brook from Dudley Road Bridge, Billerica, showing stone-lined spillway (center) and farm road bridge (background, left) at 141 Dudley Road, Billerica.
13. (Photo taken in BHS office) Map of the Two Brothers Rocks-Dudley Road Historic District.
Catalog Number 2009.086
Collection Bedford Properties and Landmarks
People Pickman, Dudley L.
Pickman, David
Pickman, Edward Motley
Stearns, John (Captain)
Greenwood, Moses
Stearns, Abner
Carpenter, Duane
Sorensen, William
Search Terms Two Brothers Rocks-Dudley Road National Register District
Two Brothers Rocks
Dudley Road
Stearns-Greenwood House (Dudley Road #96, Billerica)
Dudley Road #96, Billerica (Stearns-Greenwood House)
John Stearns House (Dudley Road #77, Billerica)
Dudley Road #77, Billerica (John Stearns House)
Abner Stearns-Edward Pickman House (Dudley Road #141)
Dudley Road #141, Billerica
Abner Stearns-Edward Pickman House (Dudley Road #280)
Dudley Road #280 (Abner Stearns-Edward Pickman House)
Dudley Road #240 (Pickman Library House)
Dudley Road #228 (Dudley L. Pickman House)
Walcott-Pickman House (Dudley Road #228)
Duane Carpenter House (Dudley Road #267)
Dudley Road #267 (Duane Carpenter House)
Pickman Summer Cottage-Sorensen House (Dudley Road #269)
Dudley Road #269 (Pickman Summer Cottage-Sorensen House)
Pickman-Altmann House (Dudley Road #220)
Dudley Road #220, Pickman-Altmann House
Stearns Mill Site (Dudley Road, Billerica)
Altmann Conservation Area
Dudley Road #77, Billerica (John Stearns House)
Daughters of St. Paul
Platt's Barn (demolished), Dudley Road