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Object Name Ledger
Scope & Content Photocopied book of business certificates issued by the Town of Bedford. (Original has been turned over to the town archives.) Also, some correspondence of the Selectmen of Bedford.

Companies included:
1 Stop Cleaners/
Acorn Designs/
Amherst Associates/
Arabian Manufacturing Company of America/
Auto Exchange Service/Bedford Ambulance Service/Bedford Auto & Hardware, Inc./
Bedford Beef and Provision Company/
Bedford Bowling Alleys/
Bedford Cash Market/
Bedford Cities Service/
Bedford Coal & Grain Company/
Bedford Driving School/
Bedford Fix-It Shop/
Bedford Flooring Company/
Bedford Funeral Home/
Bedford Funeral Service/
Bedford G. I. Taxi/
Bedford Garage/Bedford Greenhouses/Bedford Hardware/
Bedford Hardware/
Bedford Hardware and Plumbing/
Bedford Home Products Company/
Bedford Inn/
Bedford Insurance Agency/
Bedford Investment Trust/
Bedford Motor Sales Company/
Bedford Package Store/
Bedford Pharmacy/
Bedford Print Shop/
Bedford Radio and Appliance Service/
Bedford Radio and Television Service/Bedford Radio Service/
Bedford Real Estate Agency/
Bedford Real Estate and Rental Company/
Bedford Research and Office Park/
Bedford Rubbish Disposal/
Bedford Sand and Gravel Company/
Bedford Service and Placement Bureau/
Bedford Thrift Shop/
Bedford Times/
Bedford Town Taxi/
Bedford Wallpaper & Paint/
Bell Toy Company/
Bertha - Hairstylist/
Better Living Real Estate Company/
Bieren's Garage/
Binnell Catering Service/
Blue Ribbon Dairy/
Blue Ribbon Farm/
Bowen's Toyland/
Brack-Lo Concrete Products/
Brolin Book Service/
Brolin Confectionary Company/
Brolin Mail Service/
Butler Enterprises/
Calkins Machine Company/
Carriage Shed/
Central Middlesex Multiple Listing Service/
Charmette Company/
Chester W. O'Connor Associates/
Christian Distributing Company/
Clifford's Launderers and Cleaners/
Colonial House Braided Rugs/
Cora's Lunch/
Crestview Forms/
Cunningham's Restaurant/
D. James Realty Trust/
D. L. Page Company/
Darwin Sales/
Davis' Market/
Deep Winter Farm/
Delgin Electronics Company/
Delton Painting Company/
Depot Square Market/
Dom's Service Station/
Dunelm Development/
Eastern Fuse and Manufacturing Company/
Engineering Associates/
Eula's Beauty Shop/
Frost Garden Company/
Geo. W. Davis Co./
George W. Davis Company/
Great Road Shopping Center/
H. Carter Aluminum/
Hansen-MacPhee Engineering Company, Inc./
Herlihy Real Estate/
Home Engineering Company/
Hutchins Ford Sales/
J. N. Carman & Associates/
Jalbert Aerology Laboratory/
James R. Stander Company/
Jolene Company/
Junction Liquor Mart/
Kay's Beauty Garden/
Keville Motor Lines Inc./
Lemhurst Farm/
Lewis Realty/
Lexington & Boston Street Railway/
Link's Taxi/
M. P. McArdle, Real Estate/
MacLeod Realty Company/
Mandi's Gift Shoppe/
Mandrioli Store/
Maple Shade Tourist House/
Mary Alaine Restaurant/
McAnaul and Park/
McCard Sales Company/
McCard Textile Company/
Middlesex Garage Inc./
Miles Dairy Bar/
Modular Building Products Company/
Mr. Gene Hair Stylist/
New Englanders/
New York Pharmaceutical Company/
Nielsen Brothers/
North Road Press/
Northeast Mobile Communications/
Old Colony Realty/
Old Garrison House, Concord Road #445/
Old Village Real Estate/
One Stop Cleaners/
Ox Bow Gardens/
Palmeri and Snyer/
Pfeiffer Manufacturing Company/
Pine Hill Nursery/
Pleasant Farm Dairy/
Red Barn/
Red Horse ("beer parlor")/
Red-Rock Poultry Yards/
Rent-A-Tool Company/
Research Studios/
Rex Proven Products/
Riverside Farm/
Robie Rent-A-Car/
Rod Holmes Motors/
Rojan Home Presentations/
Rollin Acres Farm/
See-Lect Service/
Sewing Shop/
Shawsheen River Farm/
Skene Poultry Farm/
Sky Courier Company/
Sports Tile Company/
Swanky's Rollin Lunch/Tackney Express Company/
Tackney's Express/
Teton Company/
Town Cafe/
Vacuum Engineering Company/
Wayside Cleaners of Bedford, Inc./
Western Auto/
Whitmac Furniture Company/
World Lecture Bureau/
Y-D Cafe/
Y-D Poultry Farm
Catalog Number B1997.13
Collection Bedford Town Government
People Sherman, Saul M., M.D.
Tintle, Paul G.
Simmons, Elwin H.
Palmeri, Elizabeth E.
Search Terms Lexington & Boston Street Railway
World Lecture Bureau
Bedford Hardware and Plumbing Company
Charmette Company
Red-Rock Poultry Yards
Bedford Print Shop
Bedford Pharmacy
Y-D Cafe
Y-D Poultry Farm
Bedford Coal & Grain Company
Skene Poultry Farm
Bedford Beef and Provision Company
Frost Garden Company
Arabian Manufacturing Company
Pfeiffer Manufacturing Company
Bedford Garage
New York Pharmaceutical Company
Bedford Radio Service
Bedford Hardware
Riverside Farm
Bedford Motor Sales Company
Bedford Sand and gravel Company
Shawsheen River Farm
Blue Ribbon Dairy
Bedford Greenhouses
George W. Davis Company
Davis' Market
Brolin Confectionary Company
Cora's Lunch
Middlesex Garage Inc.
Red Horse ("beer parlor")
Eastern Fuse and Manufacturing Company
Clifford's Launderers and Cleaners
Pleasant Farm Dairy
Bedford Insurance Agency
Blue Ribbon Farm
Bedford Real Estate Agency
Lemhurst Farm
Bell Toy Company
Pine Hill Nursery
Brolin Book Service
Bedford Cash Market
Bedford Hardware
Bedford Inn
McCard Sales Company
McCard Textile Company
Bedford Radio and Appliance Service
Binnell Catering Service
Swanky's Rollin Lunch
Teton Company
Depot Square Market
Bedford Town Taxi
D. L. Page Company
North Road Press
Brack-Lo Concrete Products
Nielsen Brothers
Home Engineering Company
Amherst Associates
Bedford G. I. Taxi
Rollin Acres Farm
Acorn Designs
Carriage Shed
Link's Taxi
Engineering Associates
Palmeri and Snyer
Brolin Mail Service
Tackney's Express
Tackney Express Company
Eula's Beauty Shop
Jalbert Aerology Laboratory
Keville Motor Lines Inc.
Bedford Package Store
Red Barn
Calkins Machine Company
Rex Proven Products
Bedford Rubbish Disposal
Sewing Shop
Junction Liquor Mart
Mandi's Gift Shoppe
Sky Courier Company
Mandrioli Store
Bedford Times
Western Auto
Dunelm Development
Bedford Ambulance Service
Bedford Funeral Service
Delton Painting Company
Sports Tile Company
Bowen's Toyland
Cunningham's Restaurant
Old Colony Realty
Better Living Real Estate Company
Robie Rent-A-Car
Modular Building Products Company
Bertha - Hairstylist
Maple Shade Tourist House
Crestview Forms
Research Studios
Kay's Beauty Garden
Rent-A-Tool Company
Bedford Real Estate and Rental Company
Deep Winter Farm
Central Middlesex Multiple Listing Service
Rojan Home Presentations
One Stop Cleaners
Herlihy Real Estate
Bedford Thrift Shop
Mary Alaine Restaurant
Bedford Flooring Company
Bedford Bowling Alleys
D. James Realty Trust
Town Cafe
1 Stop Cleaners
Wayside Cleaners of Bedford, Inc.
Old Garrison House, Concord Road #445
McAnaul and Park
Ox Bow Gardens
Lewis Realty
Vacuum Engineering Company
Bedford Auto & Hardware, Inc.
Colonial House Braided Rugs
Mr. Gene Hair Stylist
Dom's Service Station
Hansen-MacPhee Engineering Company, Inc.
Bedford Service and Placement Bureau
Bedford Driving School
H. Carter Aluminum
Whitmac Furniture Company
James R. Stander Company
See-Lect Service
Miles Dairy Bar
Bedford Radio and Television Service
Old Village Real Estate
MacLeod Realty Company
Butler Enterprises
J.N. Carman & Associates
Bedford Wallpaper & Paint
New Englanders
Bedford Fix-It Shop
Northeast Mobile Communications
Rod Holmes Motors
Bedford Investment Trust
Chester W. O'Connor Associates
Jolene Company
Darwin Sales
Bedford Home Products Company
Bedford Research and Office Park
M. P. McArdle, Real Estate
Auto Exchange Service
Bedford Funeral Home
Christian Distributing Company
Delgin Electronics Company
Great Road Shopping Center
Bedford Cities Service
Hutchins Ford Sales
Bedford Selectmen
Town of Bedford
Bieren's Garage (Concord Road #50)